12 short reflections

Some things I've learned in 2023

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I usually go long. Today I go short.

Here are some reflections and learnings I’ve had over the past year.

I hope you find reading them as valuable as I found writing them:

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It’s better to be data-informed vs data-driven. You can miss the bigger picture if you rely purely on data to make your decisions.

The VC funding game is stacked against you. Empower yourself with revenue and traction.

Build distribution and game design into your product from the start.

Adding the right amount of friction is powerful.

Content creation rewards you for being prolific or extremely thoughtful. Most people fail because they are neither.

Too little research and you make poor decisions. Too much and you’re just procrastinating. Do enough research to take the first step.

What you focus your work on is more important than how hard you work.

Taking one day to talk to a few of your customers will save you more time than 99% of productivity apps.

If you resist AI, you are ignoring some of the most valuable parts of the internet and technology.

Think hard about how you position your product. Think harder about what market you position your product in.

If your user experience design is bad, you will lose B2B customers slowly and B2C customers instantly.

Do the things that matter most in the morning.

Principles I’m looking to implement in 2024:

  • Use frameworks for thinking clearly

  • Be a high-agency person

  • Say more with less

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΎ

2023 wasn’t the easiest year for us all. Here’s to a bright 2024.



P.S. I’d love to put a face to some of the names on my list and say thank you for reading my content this year.

So if you want to connect on a (video) call where I can provide some free guidance on your marketing strategy for 2024, please find a time. I’ve left some spaces open in my calendar for the start of Jan.

No strings attached - hopefully, just pure value.

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